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Permission From French Press Publishers To Allow User-shared Links To Continue To Render as Rich Media Content

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Directive (EU) 2019/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market (“Article 15 of the EU Copyright Directive” or “Article 15”) has created a form of copyright (also known as a “neighboring right”) which applies to certain press publications. This has been implemented into French law under LOI no 2019-775 du 24 juillet 2019 tendant à créer un droit voisin au profit des agences de presse et des éditeurs de presse (the “French Publisher Law”).

Facebook Ireland Limited is in the process of implementing our obligations under this law and looks forward to having conversations with relevant parties so we can determine the best longterm approach for users, publishers, and Facebook overall. In the meantime, in order to respect the exception set out in Article 15 and comply with the French Publisher Law when it goes into effect on 24 October, 2019, there may be some contexts where Facebook may need to change the way some news links are shared. For example, while links currently display as “Rich Media Content” which may include, among other things, headlines, text, author details, images and video content, these may be displayed as a hyperlink and headline only - as explained in more detail below. To the extent you are a news agency or a press publisher who qualifies for the neighboring right under the French Publisher Law (a “French Press Publisher”) and your news links may be affected but you wish for all of your links to be shown as before, please continue with submission of this form to enter into the Agreement (which you may terminate, as described below).

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French Press Publisher Permitted Links to press publications

By using Facebook, Facebook owned or operated products and the other Facebook Company Products, you are subject to our Terms, including when you upload links to your press publications to Facebook, Facebook owned or operated products, or other Facebook Company Products or otherwise enable the sharing of those links (“Publisher Permitted Links”).

In respect of those Publisher Permitted Links, you grant us the permission to use that content as set out in Section 3 of our Terms ( This includes a licence to any intellectual property rights (which includes neighboring rights) contained within that content as further set out in Section 3 of our Terms. Therefore, no additional permission is required for those links to display as Rich Media Content.

User Uploaded Links to press publications

Where any other user of our services uploads to Facebook, Facebook owned or operated products or other Facebook Company Products a hyperlink to press publications (a “User Uploaded Link”), Facebook wishes to give eligible French Press Publishers the choice to display them as Rich Media Content. Therefore, absent permission, Facebook may need to display them in a more limited way.


You can grant Facebook a licence to continue to render all links to your press publications as Rich Media Content by selecting this option below. By selecting this option, you grant Facebook the permission to digitally reproduce and communicate to the public the press publications listed in this form as Rich Media Content, consistent with the licence set out in Section 3 of our Terms.

This permission will continue until 10 business days after Facebook receives a written notification from you notifying of your intent to terminate this agreement (the “Termination Date”). You can provide written notification to Facebook by resubmitting this form and selecting that option. Note that if you have additional Facebook accounts or press publication domains that you would like to include in this Agreement, please submit an additional form.

These terms supplement our Terms found here ( Terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given in the Facebook Terms of Use. In the event that you enter into a subsequent agreement with Facebook regarding the French Publisher Law, any conflict between the two will be resolved in favor of the last-in-time valid agreement.

By submitting this form and entering into this Agreement, you confirm that you are a French Press Publisher who qualifies for the neighboring right under the French Publisher Law and that the publications listed in the form qualify for the neighboring right under the French Publisher Law. Facebook’s acceptance of this submission does not waive any of its rights or speak to the eligibility of French Press Publishers or mandate any interpretation of the French Publisher Law. You also agree that you have the right and authority to enter this Agreement on behalf of the listed French Press Publisher.

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